Livonia Community Marketing Consortium

Why Livonia?

Livonia: Why WORK Here?


8 reasons why Livonia is a great place to do business:

  1. Central Location
    Livonia splits the distance between Ann Arbor and Detroit and between Metro & Willow Run Airports and Oakland County.  We're 29 minutes or less from just about anywhere in Metro Detroit.
  2. Freeway Access
    With I-96 and I-275, Livonia has the best freeway access in the region.  It's a big reason why we're 29 minutes or less from just about anywhere you need to go.
  3. Well-Planned
    From the beginning, Livonia was designed for the growth we have enjoyed.  All major surface streets were built with five-lane access, so traffic gridlock is almost nonexistent. 
  4. Industrial Corridor
    Our 6-mile long industrial corridor has more than 32 million square feet of manufacturing space with nearby railroad and freeway access.
  5. Office Space
    4.1 million square feet of office space surrounded by freeways, great shopping & dining, and beautiful neighborhoods.
  6. Retail
    5,000 businesses, 100,000 residents, household income 33% above national average... Livonia is an ideal home for retail.  
  7. No Local Income Tax
    ...and a financially sound city with a balanced budget.
  8. Great Neighborhoods
    Why endure a long commute to work?  Livonia is a great place to live [link to Live page], so move your family and business here.

    Contact Livonia's Economic Development Director at 734-466-2293 or the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about working in Livonia.